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Our Story

We are working to make our village a community to be proud of, one which involves its residents in making decisions about what they want to see, and where everyone can get the help they need to keep fit and stay healthy. Our big project - to renovate the Hall and build a brand new all singing all dancing outdoor leisure and play area for all ages  - cannot proceed for now because of the virus, so in the meantime we wish to raise the funds to buy play and sports equipment for both indoors and outdoors so that everyone will benefit from the very start of this amazing and ambitious project.

We are Cathy, Dorian, Delyth, Susan and Cyril - a small group who represent both individual community members and also many of the organisations in our village – the Community Council, County Council, Market Hall (the village hall) and others. We came together a couple of years ago after people living locally became concerned about the lack of facilities in our village, and in particular the lack of a decent play and leisure area for children and adults and the need for a vibrant community hub.  Following a survey of everyone’s views, and consultation especially with the children and teachers in the village primary school, we are working hard to raise the funds to provide the facilities everyone has identified. Local residents have told us that this will help people feel less lonely and isolated in an area in which the population is scattered with few amenities and virtually no local transport, making it vital that we have what we need here in Llanboidy.

Support we already have from our community.

We are very lucky to live in a community where people get involved and where there are many local groups and organisations. We already have the Community Council and County Council involved in our project along with close links with W.I., the Sports and Social Club, the village shop and pub, Church and Chapel, and Tug of War team.

We spent an afternoon in the village primary school just before lock-down and the children gave us a long list of equipment they would like to see provided to help them get fit and enable them to play games and sports with their friends once lock-down ends – including a hot tub and coffee bar for the parents so they don’t get left out! Our regular updates on social media to members of the community have led to offers to run a youth club and regular farmer’s market in the Hall.


We need your help to enable us to buy sports and play equipment for the Hall and also to provide fitness equipment, picnic tables and sail covers for the outdoor area behind the Hall where we will eventually build the play area. Being able to provide outdoor fitness equipment will enable residents to keep fit until we can proceed with our big project. 

What impact will your contribution make?

Llanboidy is a rural village in the west of Carmarthenshire with very limited public transport. and a small population, many of whom are over 60. Being able to provide sports, fitness and leisure equipment will not only help children and adults of all ages keep fit and stay healthy but also ensure that people can meet – to chat, to meet their friends, to make new friends – and to combat the loneliness and social isolation that is common in rural areas like ours. One 6 year old said 'We want to be able to meet and play with our friends and have fun.' An older resident said 'I'd just like to have somewhere to sit in the village where I can meet other people.'


There are currently no facilities in the village to enable children, teenagers, adults or older adults get and keep fit and remain healthy. The closest facilities of any kind are at least 6 miles away and there is no public transport to enable people to get there. We want to provide the equipment and facilities for local residents as well as the various established local clubs and organisations to use in order to improve their physical health and lift their spirits. We also hope that our plans will help create closer bonds between the generations, enabling young and old alike to take advantage of the equipment we will provide.

We not only have a higher than average older population in the village but we are lucky to have almost 100 children aged from 3 to 11 and we know that all generations can learn a great deal from each other.

What we will buy with your money

We intend to buy a wide range of equipment for use in the Hall including such sports items as a junior indoor hockey set , a table tennis table and balls,  Basketball hoops and Football goals to name but a few. For the outdoor area we want to buy new picnic tables and benches  and outdoor fitness equipment such as a double health walker and outdoor rowing machine, as well as sail canopies to enable people to picnic even in the rain.


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Diolch Yn Fawr Pawb  Thank you everyone

A new dawn for Llanboidy